Inventor 2012 Bill of material question

How do I add a length, width, and thickness to my bill of materials for all my parts in Inventor 2012? I am trying to get a Length, Width, and Thickness on my drawings so I can have them for production. I am working on setting up my own drawing .idw template and need some help with the BOM.

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see the attach file..
my inventor is korean ver.
follow number

Open your part(not ass'y)

1. Tools
2. Document setting
3. BOM
4. click box
5. choose one dimension
6. OK

You must using 'user parameter'

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It works, but is their a way that I can set this up to always be read with out me having to assign it on every part? I am working with casework all the time and the parts are mostly panels and hardware... I just need to the panels called out for production and also for material purchasing.

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I have recently done exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Create a custom part template, with the length, width, and thickness as user parameters, and set them for export. You might even want to create a basic rectangular extrusion using the 3 parameters as dimensions.

From there in your drawing template create a custom BOM and add the length, width, and thickness as columns. I believe the previous post had this portion explained.

When creating new parts use the new template files with the parameters as you go. Unfortunately I have not found a way to insert the parameters automatically into existing drawings...they must be added one model and drawing at a time.

Contact me if you need more assistance.

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