Inventor I - Part Assy

I am having a problem with I - Part Assembly.
I have the same model done with an I - Part. The trouble is when I put it in to an I - Assy the I - Part does not want to work.
Shock one should be 80.750mm long
Shock two should be 100.750mm long

In the I - Part it's self it is working correct when I change the size through the table.
In the I - Assembly when I change the size within the table Shock one and Shock two updates to the same size when it should be two different sizes.

I know there is a problem with in the I - Assembly table some were I just don't know were.

Any help would be appreciated
Thanx in advance for any one that can help.

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I found out what I was doing wrong and now have the answer
so no need for any one to waste there time with it LoL'ss

Just can't delete your own question.

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