Inventor, Spur gear component generator Problem

I try to generate two gears. All the time I get this "Calculation indicates design failure" message. If I ignore message gears work fine in assembly mode with motion constrain.

But they do not work in Dynamic Simulation!!! When I add joints in Dynamic Simulation gears will not rotate at all. When I suppress the joint they rotate/turn nicely when desuppress they waver a bit and then Freeze.

I have stuck to this problem now for four hours!!! Please help.

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3 Answers

Hi Leo, I do not know much about Dynamic Simulation in IV but I do know that
Ioannis Skarlatakis
Manolis Theofilos
Stan Wile
James Robbins

Are just a few that are very experienced with IV and maybe they might be able to help you if you send them a PM in regards to your question.

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Hi Leo.
I have stuck to this problem too.
how did you solve it?
I would be so grateful if you answer me.

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Ty William. After tons of errors and warnings I finally made it. See the result soon. Puuuuh. I'm totally exhausted.

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