Inventor: tips and Ideas for education lessons?

I am going to teach the juniors at my school (age between 16-17 years) in Inventor. And I wonder if anyone here could give me some tips on what I should focus on first. What tasks should I give them? ( it can be models they can 3D print too.) What should I start with? and so on..
Also if anyone had any good tutorials for beginners, I would appreciate if you could post the link? :)

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In youtube there are many examples for beginners.

From what I learned while I've been in college is that it's easiest to start with the simple 2D sketches and ensure that they are fully constrained at the end every time. If a sketch isn't constrained, a part will likely fail in the future when it comes to extruding, revolving, and so on. Then of course I'd show the basic commands I just mentioned to create solid models. Details like fillets and chamfers should be taught both in sketch mode and out of sketch mode to solids. Depending on how long you have the students for, I'd start with something like that for a week or so, that way all the basics can be mastered early on. Using the classic "Monkey see, monkey do" approach where they follow along with you is how I was taught and I remember more from all of that in all my years of college than anything else. Including when it has come to more advanced surface modeling, stress analysis, and dynamic simulation like I'm studying now.

Thanks a lot for feedback. I just have the students two hours a week (after school) and most of them don't know anything about CAD. My teacher also want them be able to print out models with the 3d printer in the first lesson... haha. But as you say I also think it is smart to start with the 2D sketches, and learn that just right before we go further. This is something i feel wasn't covered enough when I learned Inventor, and I still have som problems with understanding and doing the constrains right..
I really agree on the "monkey see, monkey do" approach, and this is absolutely how I want approach it :)

Thanks again!

Your welcome! If you need any more tips let me know.