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Is any add-in available for solid work moulding?...

By Basubathi B on 04 Aug 15:04 3 answers 0 comments

Hi frnds,
I am working in moulding field, used solid work 2015. But normal commands in the solid work is not enough for my work. If anyone have solid work 3d quick mould package(or link) can u send to me. Is any other add-in available for solid work moulding?...

3 answers

  • Sahedul Abedin
    Sahedul Abedin over 1 year ago

    'Mold Tool' in solidworks is quite helpful in creating quick molds.
    I am not Aware of any addons that can make life easier.
    You can alternatively dig into soildworks surfaceing tool to custom made the molds/cores.

  • Robert H.
    Robert H. over 1 year ago

    There is a Mold Design tutorial in the Solidworks Tutorials: Advanced Techniques. If they're installed (they often are) you can get there by going to Help>Solidworks Tutorials, and click the Advanced Techniques tab. It's down the page a ways. Work through that to get an idea how to use the Mold Tools Mr. Abedin is referring to. They are a set of mold design specific features that should make your life easier.

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