Is any one drawing extremely large Alribre/Geomagic assembly or parts?

I just was wondering is any one doing extremely huge assemblies or parts.
I have a single part file that's over 200Meg and growing (about 3/8 done). This part is used in an sub-assembly on the main assembly. Both the sub-assembly and the main assembly is over 20Meg in size.

If so I would like to hear from you to share tips an ideals on how to get them to load up quicker or possible reducing the file sizes.

Rocket Nut

Side Note:
I'm using Geomagic V16. The software version drop down box does not have that version it the selections.

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Downloaded your part and opened it. As it is a complex model with many configurations, the file is large. Though my machine is not overly special or powerful, was still able to handle it ok. The entire assembly of your project would probably bog down my machine. If the complexity of your project requires this level of complexity all you can do is throw the best hardware at it you can afford. keeping your part files as simple as possible may help. Large files tend to be slow in all of the main software options.

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