Is anyone Here to help me?!!

Hi Dear friends
My name is Soroush from Zahedan,Iran
I have designed, actually not 3D design but just some photoshop renders of a car
and i really dont have idea about how to 3d design a car
i want you to kindly accept my request and 3d model the car and then you can put it on grabcad...
i just want the 3d model to 3d print and show my project to the owners...
if you are going to accept my request inform me on

2 Answers

If you are willing to pay, check this group:

If not, I doubt that you'll find someone that can make a whole car for free.

If you are looking to print out a model of a car it leads me to believe that you do not need the entire car, but a shell of the outside body. There are files available for download on Thingiverse that you should be able to access. (Not sure if their web-page is world wide)

You can pick and choose any car model you'd like. But showing it to the owners and claiming it as your own design would be frowned upon.

Otherwise, Yahya is correct in saying that its doubtful anyone would design a car for free :)

Link below: