Is anyone interested in collaborating on a energy project together?

I have had a recent breakthrough in my work and have pitched my concept to a development group that wants to fund more money into research and development. Is there anyone willing to help me build a small team so we can accomplish some things?

I need a mechanical and electrical engineer or a very good solid works/3D modeler. is my email and we can discuss the possibilities from there.

Thanks and GODSPEED


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2 Answers

Appreciate your views, and messages. Anyone interested in putting their passion hobby or profession to use in the real market place? Designing and producing concepts that make a real difference in civilization? Contact me.

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Impact local government with engineering and the skills that come from creativity. Create product that make a difference in society.

In search of a good business partner who can provide the skill necessary to take this concept to another level?

An opportunity to get out of your home or country and see the world and work with people behind the scenes who really impact systems implemented.

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