Is anyone willing to help me convert shop drawings to a 3d model?

I am looking for help converting my 2d shop drawings to a 3d machinable model in rhino. I have very well drawn paper plans, with dimensions, etc. Is anyone interested. I am willing to pay for this service.

The drawings are for an f5 mandolin.

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I don't know Rhino, so I'll take myself out of the pool of people that could help.

I'll just suggest you view/test samples of people's work before paying for anything.
Rhino can make some great looking models, but getting those models machined can be a hassle if they are not modeled correctly from the start.

I did a similar project converting paper drawings into 3D data for an electric guitar. It was all done in SOLIDWORKS though. The company was producing the bodies through multiple fixtures and machines by hand, but wanted to compare some bodies which were cut via CNC.
There remained a few operations (holes for pickup cables) that made sense to drill by hand, but I made them a nice fixture for the process. It was a big improvement in consistency over the old method of "eyeballing it".

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Thanks Fred.

I can do solidworks. I'm running mastercam for CAM. SO IGES, STL, or other formats can be imported.

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