Is B.Tech is enough to be good mechanical design engineer?

i was completed Btech in india and doing a job in designing side. i want improve my skills If there is any course to do please list them.

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Hi Manohar,

Do one thing, the first learn AutoCAD and learn Solidworks parallelly both are the good software to build the career in D&D and R&D.
If you told me in which industries are you working then I will suggest you a better option.

AutoCAD & Solidworks - SPM, Automotive ancillary, Medical, Consumer goods, Electrical, Electronics, sheet metal manufacturing Industries .

AutoCAD & CATIA - Aero industries, plastic industries

AutoCAD & CAD - Moulding, tooling, die casting manufacturer

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What is B tech? Bachelors Degree in Technology? Type of college degree? I'm in USA so I'm not sure what that would equal here.

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Hello Manohar,
If you working in a designing side it means you have learnt designing software and now If you want to develop your designing skill than you have to learn by yourself and by your experience, because Degree in not enough. If you to development you have to learn, "knowledge id no limit".
Otherwise do as you want.

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I agree with the first comment, makes sense

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