Is catia more scalable(ability to build big assembly) than Solidworks?How to quatify scalability?

What is biggest point of difference in between catia and solidworks part modeling.We have been using catia up till now,but solidworks has come up with a translator that could work with catia parts as well they claim.would i regret if i shift to solidworks.Out company has racks/lrus as manufacturing products.

2 Answers

Which CATIA workbenches do you use?

Before you switch, I suggest you get a trial version of SolidWorks in-house, train a couple designers, and do a thorough evaluation based on your company's work. Also try out the translator.

Can you post an image of what these racks/Ilrus products look like?

I've never used Catia, but Catia as I understand it is really idea for two tasks, the creation of class A surfaces, and the ability to design and study quite complex products (cars, planes, manufacturing plants).

As Jack suggested, contact your local SolidWorks reseller, and have a few demo seats loaded.
You'll want to identify the designers/Engineers most open to using/switching to SolidWorks, as well as the ones dragging their feet.
Now take two who want to learn, and one who does not, and make them the evaluation team. Their task is to determine how difficult it will be to make the switch, compatibility/translation issues, and any advantages or disadvantages.

Do keep in mind that some learning curve will be needed to switch to a new CAD system.
You'll also want to consider how the transition will occur. I'd leave the Catia designs in Catia, and make new designs in SolidWorks. Another option is converting all old data to the new system, but this is often a waste of time for many legacy products which are not used as often as the new data/designs.