Is GrabCad Ranking system a Pyramid scheme?

This system very closely resembles a pyramid scheme. Reference

The people on top stay on top with little effort and the people below have no chance to rise to the top. If your not on top to get higher in rank you need to work your tail off and if you relax a bit you will quickly slide down the scale. How can Grabcad members that haven’t had an account since the beginning get recognition? There are newer members with great models on this site but they get lost in the huge pile. I believe there is an unfair advantage given with top visibility to the HIGHEST RANKED and MOST DOWNLOADED that is keeping them on top.

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This has been discussed before, and yes it's an issue worth discussing. I can't help but wonder how I'm ranked above Fateh MERRAD as he and I recently had a discussion about it. How he isn't at least top 10 now is beyond me because he obviously more talented than most in the top 50. I admit he's far beyond my capabilities, yet he's 2 spots below me. I don't expect to hear this from anyone else in the top 50, but it's fact. The ranking algorithm is a little skewed.

Does my rank mean a lot to me? No, except when I go to the Engineers page and the first page coming up is by ranking based on ???????. I don't want to see myself on the first page, but i do want to see the most talented people on the site. Wouldn't you want newcomers to see what the site has to offer in terms of it's "best" designers instead of it's most "popular", again based on ???????.

William, I always admire your upbeat and very helpful thoughts on gaining points here on GC, but I hope you don't really believe that uploads and badges get you high in the ranks. If so, I suggest you research your 1st page peers a little and compare them to people on other levels.

Again, please don't hear this from a sore loser point of view. I myself think there are many users on here who far exceed my talents as a DESIGNER and should be the shining light of GC. I am only writing this comment on their behalf.

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I've stayed in 4 and now I'm 7.
It really is difficult to maintain the classification. But I learn more every day.
Who participates perceive reality. Fateh I have witnessed the rise little by little. Today he is the most commonly downloaded.
I'm in college now. I fight for my title of engineer. Maybe I'll drop some positions in Grabcad. But I'll take it one step in my professional life.

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Chris is a very good question
thank you aeron for your comment
I think anyone can rank among the top 10, because if I send a hundred prismatic parts I will be among the first and that's not good and I have seen others that are filed away and they have an exceptional job as Hamza Boulkrar,

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Hi Chris S I can see you point and were you are coming from as I was the same when I first joined GrabCAD I wanted my rank to go up but now after many months on here it does not matter to me were people are. What does matter to me is the models that get uploaded, the community, the help people give you, the help you can give back, the knowledge you can share and gain with others and the future of GrabCAD going from strength to strength to keep this great site and community the best and on top of all others.

There is many ways you can improve your rank on GrabCAD as Kevin has all ready said.... with renders, models, Q&A's
you can also get more badges if you help others with model requests, renders ect, ect and there is a really special badge above them all and that is the Rube Goldberg experiment @
Rube Goldberg Experiment

Not only will you get the badge for your section but what fun you will have being part of that team and one day seeing all our sections animated (( SUPER WICKED ))

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Chris... How much does your rank on GrabCAD mean to you?
If it means a lot, then, upload more models, do renders and soon you'll be on top... It means nothing to me, so I'm happy because one worry less in my life ;)

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come on, I was waiting for my ranking to drop to something like 777 or 77777, it will look cool on my profile :))

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Don`t know how is based GC ranking...(don`t want to know), but, think Chris got a point...more or less, for example take one, just one, Toghe Bobby`s model, downloaded it and you will see, guy has parts more than last 70.000 - 80.000 members all together in just one model! Chris is right to be upset...but, c`est a la vie :)

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Robert has the right of it, if it matters that much to you, then upload the work, be active in the Q&A and comments.
As for me, it does matter a bit, but I'm content where my ranking is for now, and it is fairly easy finding the time to maintain. When it slips too far, I add a few models, and participate a bit more and it's right back where I want it.

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Chris ........ please please ...... GrabCad is not even on the same planet as "Pyramid_Schems" ..... actually .........this is a waste of time even trying to explain

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