Is Icem Surf is different software with Catia or not?

I want to try Catia especially for automotive/vehicle, and I love Icem Surf, I thought it is Catia features. so I'm confuse when I see their product that bring me the fact that Icem Surf has it own price. so If I want to Icem Surf, I must buy it seperately? or is Catia v5 include Icem Surf technology?

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2 Answers

ICEM SURF is separately workbench from CATIA and it has specific commandes to design, visualyse and other. It's verry special CAD software. The best I think with the experience is ALIAS Design.

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icem surf is a seperate software.

however, catia has a workbench called ISD-IcemShapeDesign, with tools, similar to Icem Surf. But this Workbench you have to add, like every workbench in catia sperately.

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