Is it allowed to model a product that already exists and upload it on grabcad?

I model parts they already exist to place them in my own engineering. Now I started to upload these parts on grabcad like my ZENOAH engine but I´m not shure if it´s allowed. I never asked a lawyer. What do the companies think about it? The files were not good enough for production but is this the point? Is it better not to name the company of the original product? Does anyone had problems with the rights of a design or engineering here on grabcad?

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As long as you modelled the parts your self and didn't "copy and paste" them off the companies website there shouldn't be any problem. there are thousands of models on Grabcad that are created from people that have pulled out there callipers and modelled the object that is sitting right in front of them. I hope this answers your question

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You say thousands of peoples are doing it so it must be legal. In the near future a 3D file will be as worth as the product itself. Did you heard about carbomorph? Its a material for 3D-printers. They printed a complete game controller including the electronic cuircuits. In the future you will buy a 3D-file instead of a product and there will be a copy protection as in the music industry.

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I see your point Michael but i don't see how you could be taken to court for modelling something yourself. its kind of no deferent than going to the markets, seeing this great wooden toy, going home and making it in your workshop. I suppose it wouldn't heart running your thoughts past a lawyer for piece of mind.

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