is it allowed to upload humain's sex parts ??

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I don't see why not. There are naked girl models on here already.

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CAD is meant to do engineering models, but this takes the phrase 'CAD abuse' to a whole new level.
May I ask why would you want to upload 'these' kind of models to an engineers/designers site? Or how did you obtain them in the first place?

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i see naked girl model on here
that's why i think that i can design some humain special part's
and i guess it's a good modele anyway
that's all

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Hi Abdallah,

Although we do not want to screen all files uploaded to GrabCAD, it is our goal to create a community of professional mechanical engineers. Uploading models of human sex parts is not in line with our vision, and so we highly discourage it. Please refrain from uploading these models.

Your other models are neat! I especially like the planetary gears one. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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