is it legal to upload videos made in catia or solidwork software here or in youtube????????

if i upload my model here or youtube will i be violating any rule...where to find the rule regarding the usage right.

4 Answers

Don't give the lawmakers any new ideas. I wouldn't be surprised if it became illegal at some point, especially here in the US. The 'land of the free' loves to incarcerate... all the more so for non-violent crimes.

Joking aside... if this WERE illegal, there'd be a LOT of YouTubers in prison right now. The only thing I'd caution against is uploading files that are technically, the property of your employer, if you happen to work and earn an income as a designer.

Yes these platform are made for this purpose only. But make sure you have your own content !!!

Using cracked version of any software is illegal. But if you have student version or trial version you can upload it. It will be helpful for others also. And there is no restriction in uploading any video made by you in youtube or any other social networking sites.

If I make the video on the licensed software of the company, will it be illegal?