Is it possible to chagne image resolution in a Sketch Image?

I'm working on a project that involves using Sketch Image to bring in 3 views of a ship so that I can draw the ship.

However, when pulling the image in, it pixelates so badly that its essentially useless to me. When viewing the image in Windows picture viewer at very high magnification, it still shows a very clear image, so the issue is within Solidworks, and not the base images being used.

So I need to know if its possible to change the image resolution to render a sharper image of the Sketch Image within the program.

Attached is a shot of what the Sketch Picture looks like right now in Solidworks.

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Sorry Adam, this is not possible, If you have got a Pixel-based Image like jpg, bmp, tif. You scale these Images with photoshop elements or something similar, but you won't get more informations.
If you a vector based image it would work..

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