Is it possible to copy a table from sheet to sheet in Solidworks?

I am just wondering how to copy a table from sheet to sheet in Solidworks.

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Drag and drop the table in the desired sheet from the bootom of the window

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Right click on table - copy entities. Left click outside the table - an yellow dot should appear. Move mouse to desired location and right click. You have the copy of the table (repeat steps if no table appears). Drag an drop to desired sheet.

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I know of no direct way to copy a table from one sheet to another. I always get a "This item cannot be copied to the clipboard" message. However, you can do it indirectly as follows:

1- Copy the whole sheet containing the table and paste it somewhere so you have a new sheet
2- Delete everything in the new pasted sheet except for the table.
3- Copy every item from "the sheet you wanted the table to be inserted in" and paste them one by one into the new sheet. You can do it easily by using "ctrl+c" and "ctrl+v".

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You can also select the table from the drawing feature tree and "Ctrl C" to copy. Then left mouse click at the desired location on the drawing and "Ctrl V" to paste. You can even select multiple tables and past all at once.

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When you get the error of, "Item cannot be pasted here from clipboard" do the following:

- Open a blank drawing
- Copy the table from the drawing you are working in to the blank drawing
-Then copy the table from the blank drawing indirectly to your new sheet of the drawing you are working in.

Ta daaaa!

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