Is it possible to create a 3D terrain surface from a topography map using Pro/E?

I have a topography map with the contour lines representing the different levels of the terrain. I want to make this a surface so I can render it and ultimately use it in a 3d rendering/animation. Can i do this in pro/e ?

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There should be software that does this kind of rendering though I thought that you usually start with a gradient based topography map then use that information to render bezier curves or something.

Where did you get this topography map? Have you looked at any topography rendering software?

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don't actually have the topo map yet. This is in anticipation of an upcoming project. Don't know yet what format the topo map will be provided (i.e., as a 2d file or 3d file or just a flat image that i have to scan to grab the contours lines.). I only have pro/e and don't want to have to invest in new software if it can be avoided.

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