Is it possible to get a CAD file for Core p5 body mod

Hi all, I am very new to CAD software etc and don't have the time to learn how to make a design I wish to give to a metal cutting company to build me a custom mod for my personal computer, is there anyone here who accepts payment for CAD design files to be made? If so...

Hi...I wish to create a design for my Thermaltake Core P5 PC case. There is an existing Full detail Cad design for it and I wish to pay someone to use that file to design a body which will be made out of metal to cover the PC case enclosing it. I wish for the mod to cover the sides / top and bottom, and it would need a hole for the I/O port of the motherboard and it would need holes to house 4 intake 120mm fans, it would slide onto the case and fit flush onto the glass front panel, turning it from an Open air case to a closed case with a glass window,

Please could someone get back to me if they wish to accept this challenge! I will pay if needed :)

Thank you very much to all who reply,


Attached is a picture of my PC to help, also on this site is the full CAD design files (thermaltake core p5 CAD files)

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