Is it possible to make a 3D curve tangential to a surface

I'm modeling a car in Catia and it is mostly made up of 3D curves. I'm also only modelling half of the car and then mirroring the other side across.

I'm having a problem however in the middle of the car where the two surfaces meet - the surface naturally needs to be horizontal as it crosses over the middle line of the car but there is no way (that I know of) to constrain the 3D curves making up the car to establish this constraint. Does anyone have any ideas??

This tutorial:
... seems to have the solution. The designer creates a surface that follows the middle line and is horizontal. The surfaces are then made tangential to this surface. When I try this however, an error message pops up, saying that the lines making up this surface must also be tangential, if the surface is to be tangential. - Which makes sense - but can you make these lines tangential?

Any help would be, as always, greatly appreciated.

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2 Answers

hi james you are in the right direction.that tutorial is really handy.i've tried that it worked.right now i don't have catia in my system to figure it out where you been stuck i'll tell you though honestly i've been in those situations.doing the half part and then mirroring it leaves you a sharp line in the middle...annoying i know i hate it.
now let's get down to some serious business.lets say you got half of the roof and you mirrored it. now you are left with sharp the top plane and create a plane just little above the roof surface invoke a sketch which is a line make sure you draw the line crossing the extrude it such that it passes through the split the roof such that check keep both the sides mirror the extruded surface and split the surface only this time you'll select the surface to get split the one which is with sharp line i.e you should play around with the other side check box in split tab options.
if you are in the right track you'll be left with huge gap on the roof.the amount of gap depends on where you draw the line(i suggest you to keep the gap not so small)finally blend those two surfaces to your goodness you won't be able to see those sharp lines.this is pretty much simple but in theory seems like a huge task or may be i've exaggerated.i hope you find it useful
thank you for your patience

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Nice one. I haven't tried it yet but it seems like a very clever solution. Thanks.

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