Is it possible to make a heatsink with stamping process??

In fact my supervisor asked me to make a heat-sink for a Down-light.

This down-light heat-sink is already made with aluminum injection process, he wants to obtain the same part but with stamping process(deep draw)!!!!
I told him it's impossible because of the behavior of the sheet-metal (Aluminum 1050a) we will get a ripped part, this is what I think at least because of the formidability limitation of the sheet metal.

Is there anyone had similar experience making part with this process??
by the way I have never worked with stamped parts before.
please I need help, more explanation needed more clarification !!!
Thanks in advance

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1 Answer

Yes Check out this proces:
Please sent me in return answer to the question: what is your biggest challange using aluminium as an engineer?

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