is it possible to make motion analysis in solid works for two shafts connected with chain and sprocket ?

i am working on an analysis project. for this i have made a cad design in solidworks. in the model one shaft receives power from another shaft(connected to motor) via a chain (both shafts having sprockets) .. my question is when i do motion analysis in solidworks will the software be able to recognize the chain? i mean will the power be delivered to the shaft connected with the chain?

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HI Pratim,
Yes.But with trike.I have experience with this kind of motion. In this I learn Solidworks can show animation of both shaft perfectly you want to apply rotary motion only to one shaft. But its unable to visualize the movement of the chain. For this purpose you want to stick with a trike like a path mate motor. Place study this video."" you can get some ideas to your project. Are you having any questions I like to help you.

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