is it possible to mate a rubik's cube in assembly ?

Hello friends , I am thinking of this subject for a long time and I couldn't find a solution,I am wondering , is it possible to mate a Rubik's parts and have a smooth movement of it's part. I know that it's possible to do a realistic animation by suppressing some mates but i want to animate the Rubik's cube directly from assembly

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Just keep in mind that there is no friction in the SOLIDWORKS assembly. Trying to rotate one row or column independently will likely result in some unwanted motion in other areas of the assembly.
I think locking down everything but the row/column you are moving would give the best result.
I believe the real life one only allows a single row/column to rotate at a time anyway, so locking the others in SOLIDWORKS makes sense. Think of those locking mates as the operators hands holding the cube.

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When I animate this (Playground Excavator) I had the same problem for the animation, my solution, I did "fixing mates" on the pieces that I didn't want to move, I moved the part that I wanted, then actived the fixing mate again, and so on..

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First of all you should start by drawing a small cube.

Secondly you should open an assembly and put the previous cube 27 times

thirdly together the 27 cubes with position relation in a 3x3 cube.

finally you paint the faces with the correct colors of rubik's cube

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