Is it possible to move the assembly's parts, which is a part of a big assembly on Solidworks?

I dragged and dropped an assembly file to another asembly. The first assembly acts like a part. Is there anyway to make the first assembly's files, the parts of the big assembly to move them with the same mates on first assembly.

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Another option, If the subassembly simply has the ability to move when opened as an assembly, is to go to properties and select "flexible" in the lower right hand corner. Dissolve will get rid of all the mates in the subassembly, where flexible will keep the mates but allow the intended movement. Hopefully that made sense.

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Hi Cemal, I'm not sure what are you looking for but if you want to move the parts of the sub-assembly (that what the assembly you dragged is called) individually you need to right click on the sub-assembly>Dissolve sub-assembly ... this way they aren't one unit anymore ...

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I apologize, I misunderstood the way the dissolve subassembly feature worked. It keeps the mates, just splits the parts up for BOM purposes.

If you right click on the assembly in the feature tree, one of the flyout icons is "component properties", it is right next to "view mates".

I am also using SW 2011

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You are welcome! I do apologize for the confusion on the dissolve subassembly feature, I tried to comment on it without being fully aware of its function!

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