Is it possible to reuse a sketch in a part for a second purpose?

I have a sketch plane with a circle used to create an extruded boss-base feature - a cylindrical element on a part.

Can I reuse that same sketch and it's circle to define a helix cross-section on the same boss-base the circle was used to form? I did try this B4 asking.

2 Answers

I've noticed that issue before, but couldn't find an answer to it, too...
It seems like the "Helix and Spiral" feature requires separate sketches.
Why? No idea.

That issue is only with the "Helix and Spiral" feature; other features work perfectly with previously-used sketches.

The sketch of a helical curve is like a 3d sketch since it is no longer on one plane. This is why the basic sketch, even if it is on a plane, is only related to the generation of the 3d sketch.