Is it possible to turn a SLDASM into a SLDPRT?

I downloaded a part and I dont belive that it is a part because it is very complex. Is it possible uploader turned assemly into part?

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Yes, the Solidworks supports multi-body parts, which means part files can contain entire assemblies if that were their intent.

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File menu, save as, change type to *.sldprt

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Sometimes I use that simplest option to save an assembly as a part file to prevent it from being misused or from getting rebuild errors on certain parts within assembly, the result is a solid body that will not blow up and will not make trouble and is usable as it is within other, larger assemblies, for example, a bicycle wheel :) Assemblies can also be saved as jpg files, 3D pdf and other formats...

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2012 lets you explode mulit-body parts as well, just like an assembly!

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