Is it possible to work on/change things in a file that has been downloaded?

I am working in SolidEdge ST4 student edition and I want to be able to make a cut out of a file that I downloaded from the site. I downloaded it as a STEP/IGS and saved it as a part file. I only know how to worked in the "Ordered Mode" and it's in "Synchronous Mode" I don't know if it being in one or the other has anything to do with it.

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I've never actually worked in Solidedge so I'm not sure of the different modes. But the corvette file was originally a Polygon model that I built, converted to Nurbs and tweaked in Alias. So it is going to be a Surface model with no history..

The best way to get a solid is maybe offset or thicken. Not sure if SolidEdge has those tools..

What kind of cut are you trying to make?


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After importing the file into the Solid Edge, you choose if you want to edit it as Synchronous or Ordered, you just have to change environments by clicking the right button in the word Synchronous, my advice is to keep the Synchronous mode, because the editing of the imported part will be easier. To create the cut, you only have to create a circle sketch in the face you want to cut, click the blue region created inside the circle sketch, and make the cut by pushing the white arrow!! enjoy it!

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Hope you got answer. If not let me know. Some ideas for you on downloaded files other than solid edge format. Once after imported to solid edge model, convert the model feature to Synchronous if it is in ordered. Dificult to work in ordered mode for downloaded files which are in other formats. Synchronous is so easy to edit. Let me know if you struck in anyware.

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