Is my model s safe or not?

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I have created a model using Solid edge ST7 and I done FEA through Simulaton Tool .At one Particular Point the Factor of Safety is Showing Below 1.But All Other Portion of the Model is having Factor of Safety Greater than 2 ....What Is the Problem In my Model ........Whether it is correct are not...For your Refernce I have Attached The Screen Shot of my Model...Any one please help......if you need Any Further Details Please feel free to Contact me Phone:+91 8220873367


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Usually, For industrial applications, FOS should be 3 or above.
occasionally they use 2 if its not prone to higher stress.

Try in ANSYS or any commercially available Analysis Software package, check it out the result. Based upon the result, redefine the FOS.

Hope it helped you.

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