Is NVIDIA geforce 940 M is compatible for Solidworks 2013

I Have lagging issue in solidworks 2013
My System spec:

i5 -5200 U intel core
NVIDIA geforce 940M with 2GB graphic card
window 10
8 GB ram.

Please suggest options to over come this.

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3 Answers

The GeForce series is not working with CAD software, it will fall back to some Software OpenGL rendering mode or be totally buggy and slow. Even if the GeForce "could" potentially handle Solidworks very easy, it will just not do it.

Try to use your onboard graphics from Intel, in my experience it works even better with CAD software than gaming cards.

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Try updating the drivers for the card
Product Type: GeForce
Product Series: Geforce 900M Series (Notebooks)
Product: GeForce 940M
Operating System: Windows 10 64/32-bit
Language: English (US)
Have you always had this issue with this computer?

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