Is possible run Pro/E 5.0 in Linux OS? / Es posible ejecutar Pro/E 5.0 en Linux?

Need to know if is possible run pro/e in linux

5 Answers

Here is a method to run 3.0 on Linux

It basically involves rewriting some of the scripts to adapt to the Linux file structure. I have never personally tried this but it seems like it would work.

as far as I know, 3 and maybe 4 are fine but 5 is not.
what distro of linux are you using?

you can make creo 1 portable.i think it can run under wine..

any advice how to make creo 1 portable?
I'd kill for the opportunity of running creo under linux :)

Running windows softwares using wine is possible. A better alternative would be to use softwares made for linux. FreeCAD is one