Is SolidWorks available for Mac?

i have mac book pro 7

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As far as Solidworks native for mac is concerned, there have been many discussions about this on the net and the arguments are for a fully native version. It's badly needed, but the folks at Dassault Systems haven't gotten the clue yet, as they don't think there is much of a need and they don't give much weight to the mac platform. I think there should be just like there was for AutoCAD, a petition to sign online, to show those folks there are more people out there than they think who want to move to macs from windows and they want Solidworks native on mac.

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You have to run it via boot camp.

Still, you have to have windows.

There is no native SW on Mac version available.

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I've looked around a lot for CAD programs that will run native in Mac. The only one I've found is AutoCAD for Mac.
AutoDesk also has some other Mac software.

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There is TurboCad 2D/3D for MAC, and I think Alibre has a MAC version. There are some others. If your just doing it for your self, that's ok, but most of the Business World uses IBM/PC versions. You can run 99% of the PC Software on your Mac. There is software versions options for laptops, and some hardware or software versions for Desktops. Just google "MAC CAD Software". Apple used to have a list of MAC software. Was a MAC hard core user since the SE. With PCs being super cheap today, why bother. I paid $5000 for my first used, 6 month old MAC II, 8Meg ram, 20Meg HD, 14" color monitor, Ext. Keyboard. New it was $7000. The PC's weren't much cheaper back then. That was with no printer, modem, CD/DVD, scanner. So I could run MAC AutoCad 12.

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If I may add. Rhino is in development on the mac in native format. I've been testing it a little bit with their freely available beta version.
TurboCAD works fine in mac native format.
Plus for those with specific needs, there is ArchiCAD, and even VectorWorks.

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