Is there a difference in the final model if there is a fillet on one edge and arc on other edge of a cube in the final STL file.Please note that arc and fillet are of same dimensions

difference between skillet and arc of same dimensions. check attached models.

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There would be no appreciable difference. End result is the same.

It is the same radius, I make a sketch on the face of your piece, I use inches as a unit of measure, and it is a radius of 0.25 ", being the same on both sides.
I attached an image

There could be a difference if you use a better blending solution with the fillet.
A regular fillet will give the same result as an arc, that being a curve which is tangent to the two faces.

A conic based fillet will give a much better transition as it will not suddenly transition from a flat to a curve.

It all depends on what you are making, and how the end product should look and feel.

if you try to analyse the surface by using ZEPRA STRIPES command you will see no diffrent