Is there a library/ content center in Catia V6?

I'm searching how to import C channels and structural steel in Catia V6. I'm used to work with Solidworks/Sheetworks... In SW it is very simple, just click the library, find your square tube, C channel, ... click create part, fill in your measurements and done....

But how do you do it in Catia? I can't find a thing in here...
Now I'm drawing my tubes and C-channels, and then with pad i'm making them longer. But there must be a faster way!

Can somebody help me?


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Hi friend, good morning!!! Hope you are having a great day, just quick question, are you trying to import files made in solidworks to catia? if your answer if yes, try to save in solidworks as cgr/step file, and you will have to open it, in catia, but won't show you any information on the tree, I mean how to make the 3D C-channels, if this information, about your issue, try to explain us with a picture, and I can help you with your problem.


have a good day,

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Hi Hugo,

Thanks for the fast respons.
I'm not trying to import files to Catia. I'm working in Catia. So yesterday i found the "place part" button and with that I can place pieces with parameters that i can change.

so now i can make a library for al my pipes and tubes!

The new layout from catia V6 is really bugging me out, I can't find a thing...

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