Is there a limit to rendering you can upload. I have uploaded 200 renderings and now I do not get any credits when uploading new renderings.

no credits anymore when uploading renderings

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Hans de Ridder is right. There is no points for rendering. Can anybody explain what is happening ?

Ok, thanks.

Hi Hans, I can see were you are coming from about the points for your renders. On the other hand it is better to have someone comment on your render and for you to share a new visual effect with the community to look @ rather than points. Also doing renders for other peps models gives you so much fun trying new stuff and settings with rendering it is all in a days education m8 and without the use of such great models to download for free we would not be able to practise as much with our rendering skills. Bugger the points mate and think of the education and fun we are having :P

Hi hans,
I think you are more fit to be a staff GC,, .. Perhaps the staff can provide detailed GC points and Badges earned income to have it ..?

I think you only get credit for the first render of a particular model. so 15 points per model rendered, not per rendering.