Is there a link for SolidWorks 2011 SP5 x64 .iso, so I can upgrade/reinstall?

We have a licensed copy of SolidWorks 2011 SP1. We just purchased a new CAD computer, and Windows 10 is not playing nice with 2011 SP1. I called our local SolidWorks vendor, and they said that they no longer have the files for 2011, and I'm pretty much out of luck.

Does any have the installation .iso in Dropbox or GoogleDrive, something of that nature? Any help would be very much appreciated.

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It is worth asking. You never know what someone will have.
I may have optical disks for 2011, but I doubt they would be a later SP.
I do have 2013 SP2 (just found it on an old drive).

You can get later service packs out of SW, or a VAR after your subscription has ended, but you have to do it in a sneaky way.

- First you find out what is fixed in the new service pack. Which can be hard to do since you need a subscription account to see the release notes.

- Then you issue a report that you are having one of those problems that the new SP fixes. They will reluctantly give you the new SP.

Or at least it worked that way years ago.

In this case, trying to get a SP, for a release that is 6-7 years old is a long shot. I have no doubt that they have a copy of the software residing somewhere, but there is simply no incentive to go look for it, and send it to you. It is easier to say "sorry, we lost that last week".

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Yup, pretty much out of luck. Even the SolidWorks site is unlikely to have anything older than the last one or two releases available for download to subscription service customers.

I think you'd have an easier time finding CD or DVD media for SW2011, but in that case it would most likely not be SP5. You might be stuck with SP0.0

Do you have the computer which used to have SolidWorks installed on it? Chances are you'd be able to access the folder where SolidWorks service packs were downloaded to. In that case you could copy the contents and install on the new PC.

I'm not sure how well the interaction between Windows 10 and SW 2011 is ever going to work. It might, but I'd personally eliminate that potential problem and use an operating system which is does work. That would be Windows XP, and Windows 7.

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