is there a nice tutorial for organic shapes (gamepad etc)?

hello, i'm looking forward to model a gamepad like controller. the shape should be very organic and ergonomic. my problem is i've no idea howto start with such kind of shape.

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I would suggest you to create sketch and curves that define the shape. Then use bluesurf to generate the skin. Edit the bluesurf is very easy and there is the option ot add extra "curves" automatically for a better editing control.

Look on You tube for BlueSurf videos there is plenty of it.
Also have a look at the tutorials and online guide from Siemens.

Give it a try


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I have been a Solid Edge user since 1999. Unlike SolidWorks, the tutorials on organic or surface modeling for solid Edge are very very limited. What I know is self taught. Don't expect much from Solid Edge support. The main reason for their failure to capture a an acceptable share of the CAD market (vs Inventor or SolidWorks) despite their superior software is their primitive marketing strategy (the free 2D was a good idea) and their private members only club. Most CAD companies still operate in the 19th century business models. Be patient, they will have to grow up.

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