Is there a path to convert SLDPRT files into STL by multiple jumps between other freeware?

This question has come up a number of times but the answer always seems to be dependent on buying software, downloading "trial" software (okay, but seems a bit dishonest to me) or high-jacking someone's good nature to do it for them. I have been around a while but I'm fairly new to 3d design and printing in actual practice. I have several projects that I am making good progress on using OpenSCAD (I've tried numerous others but this one is getting more of my attention). Yet, I still do want to be able to use some stuff I've seem posted, here, as a starting point if the object contains some essential geometry that I can use to get past a hurdle. Is there a "hop scotch" method for converting SLDPRT files into one freeware then into another with it ultimately being importable into OpenSCAD? I realize even referencing OpenSCAD is saying I am a real noob, but I have to start somewhere (plus, yes, I am a noob!) and can't afford to buy any software even on the honest word of others since we all learn things differently. (Even cheap software can be expensive for a retiree!)

Also, I know jumping around between software can intorudce artifacts and ultimately may even only make a very "dirty" copy. However, until my skills in even a supposedly "really simple" software like OpenSCAD get better, I am now having to avoid spending too much precious time adopting a new favorite design/modeling systems to learn each time I hit a brick wall with an aspect to one of my designs.

Many thanks for any actual tested techniques offered!

Afterthought: Attached is an example of a basic object (too difficult for me to design from scratch) that comes up in numerous renditions of a particular project I am working one. (I only include it because I saw an option to include a sample file just before submitting my question.)

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Thanks, Mark, but unless I am totally wrong, that's one of those "free" trial versions so, ultimately, you gotta fork over cash and/or get left with the footprints of having installed it if only for a month or so.

My PC acquired a case of the "glitchies" from doing stuff like that and not being able to totally uninstall it. Plus, I am really averse to anything connected to the "cloud" - I guess I should have mentioned that but I got/was getting way to wordy to start with.

I am kinda searching for a more long term and relatively stable solution.

Kind of you to offer your input, though!

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I've not used it, but I believe Onshape has both free and paid versions. If the free version converts SW files, then it is perfect for your application.
I can understand the Cloud reluctance, but you are using this to convert files from GrabCAD, not design classified military systems.

The File you attached above is a threaded rod. There is often no compelling reason to model a rod like that with threads in a CAD system. Just extrude a circle, and the job is complete.

I believe GrabCAD workbench is capable of converting file formats. I've not tried it, but I've seen it suggested several times in similar questions.

Another option is skipping SW files when possible. Most members will also include a step, iges, or parasolid model when uploading. I think you'll find those easier to convert since they don't change with every yearly release of the software. There are many free programs which will not read SW files, but will have no trouble converting the above "common" formats into STL files.

GrabCAD Print is free, and it reads SW files. The thing to test is if you can export an STL from it, or if it will only send slice data to a 3D printer.

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Hi FredSWUG, thanks for your input, but my project needs that rod threaded and , yes, its not military, but for some, as yet unexplained reason, I have found some of my personal documents siting in "the cloud" and how they got there without me knowing it is still a mystery and an irritation! I removed them and a few months later more stuff was there!!!

I'll look into GrabCAD Print to see if it lets me import into OpenSCAD for further modification.

Thanks, again!

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Well, it looks like GrabCAD Print is cloud-based. I don't always have access to the web (in addition to my other reasons for not wanting/liking/trusting "the cloud").

So on with my search!!

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I can give you a "longer" way out. You can create an account in 3DS Content Central and upload you files.

You can download these files in various formats from there. And later you can delete those files from your library. And it is free. ;)

If they dont have STL, then convert to STEP/IGS and there are many software for converting STEP to STL.

Edit: Just checked again, they have STL format too.

Hope this works.

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Edrawings Free Version can open Solidworks files and save as STL.

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Solidworks part files can be opened directly in On Shape which is a free online cloud based CAD. I do believe from there parts can be saved as STL files. I have only briefly used On Shape so I am not completely sure of its capabilities.

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