Is there a way to export the BOM from inventor to a printable format?

How can I export the Bill of materials from inventor in a format that I can send to a printer. I need to do so for robotics. Help.

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There are a couple ways to go after this question. Aside from 3rd party apps Inventor has at least two ways to get BOM data exported into a spreadsheet which can then be printed. The most direct way is to simply double-click on the BOM you want to print which opens the Parts List browser window. Along the top is an icon to export the BOM into Excel (see attached). Be sure to use the "Options" button (see attached) to nudge Inventor to use the cells to your advantage (see attached).

The second option is to export to Excel directly from the assembly instead of the drawing. In the assembly you'll find the "Bill of Materials" button in the "Assemble" ribbon (see attached). Note that there are no options to set column widths, etc. ahead of time. I should also say that Inventor doesn't directly support exporting the thumbnails to the spreadsheet though you can find a some iLogic on the web and have Inventor force the thumbnails into Excel or use a 3rd party app to push the part thumbnails. Regardless, this is still a viable option to get your BOM data into a more ubiquitous program like Excel (see attached).

I hope this helps. Good luck!


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