Is there a way to include a timing belt and pulleys for motion study in SolidWorks assemblies?

I am working on an assembly design in SolidWorks in which a timing belt with pulleys will be used. The belt will be used for as a means of linear motion for a bracket attached to the belt (the picture here is one i found online of a pulley system similar to what is desired). Motion studies will need to be preformed on this assembly. I know that there is a belt option in SW but will that tool work for this purpose?

Simply put:
-Can the belt option in SW be used for timing belts so i can mesh the track of belt with pulleys?
-Will adding holes to such a belt for mounting the bracket to the belt be problematic? If so, other methods to use so belt will cause linear travel?

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1 Answer

You can add pulleys, but to have a belt in motion it needs to be modeled in many separate segments as an assembly. Its a lot of work.

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