Is there a way to re-orient a finished part file in solidworks?

I modeled the part as a sheet metal part and after putting bends in the part, it now sits weird in the regular construction planes and I can't get the right ortho views for making a drawing. Is there a way to re orient the solid part file to have working ortho views?

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Hi Nathan

You can rotate a model in solidworks by the move body command Tutorial 1.

However there is a trick in the drawing that allows you to avoid the above command... follow the 2nd tutorial!!!

-Check Below... ;)

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Answered with a tutorial:

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Thanks, but shortly after I posted, I read that I can change the orientation views by selecting the side, going normal to and clicking update. even though it doesn't change the original origin, it does update the sides for viewing the model and for the layout when doing the drawings. I used method (2) of this

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