Is there a way to unfold a sheet metal model one bend at a time and dimension?

I have a fairly simple bent part that has several bends in it.
It unfolds and shows bend lines easily enough.
However, it would be most handy to unfold one bend at a time and dimension such that it made it user friendly for the press operator.
As of yet, I am only skilled enough to scribe lines at the given dimensions, line it up with the punch, make a sample and record/adjust my back gauge settings accordingly.

The example part attached is just some made up piece for illustration.
Once the small lip is bent, which would be the first bend line on the flat pattern, all other bend lines become irrelevant with respect to distance to the edge because that edge is now bent and doesn't exist as it is shown in the flat pattern.
I would like to bend the first lip with the given dimension, then have a some method of illustrating where the next bend line is, with respect to this newly formed leg.

?Make sense what I am asking?

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2 Answers

use the "unfold" feature on the model to unfold the necessary bends.

now in the drawing:
click the plan view to select it - create sketch - now you can project the edges and draw the bend line.
export this drawing as a autocad dwg (for example) to fix this drawing/break the link (the inventor drawing will update to the new state when you unfold the next bend)

use unfold on next bend on the model
when you go back to the drawing it will update. draw the new bend line and export stage 2...

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another option:

create 2d sketches on the inside faces (touching the bend to be unfolded) of the bent part.
unfold the first bend BUT tick the box to copy sketches: pick the 2 sketches on that bend

in the idw (the plan view showing this unfold):
click on the part in the browser and say "get model sketches"

and then export this drawing to acad

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