Is there any "electronic components" category?

If not, then the gods-to-be here must create one. My colleagues and I, we are mostly into resistors/capacitors/coils/connectors/etc/etc all the stuff, and lots of nice cars and furniture filling our screen look nice, but it is actually a big motivation to go looking for 3D models on our area of interest on another sites... Just my twopence...

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"Electrical" is a category. It is broad. You'd find everything from a TV, or a toaster, to an electric car under it.

For discreet components, I'd also look under "Components"

"Energy and Power" is a third place to look, but that is a bit more specific and might contain solar panels, and generators.

I'm sure new categories can/could be added.
The best option for now would be typing in the specific item you are looking for. There are pages and pages of discreet components on the site.

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