is there any features in SW to make a model in which all parts interconnect .

can we make a disign in which all the parts are interconnet retio with each other & we can change the entire model acording to retio

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What SolidTweaks said would work, if from the beginning your design is made with equations instead of hard set dimensions. This would allow everything to shift together with the change of your rudimentary dim.


You can save an Assembly as a Part file, combine the body, then scale away.

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You can combine the features such as the global variables, design equations and design table to achieve this.The ease of implementation and achieving the final result depends on the complexity of the parts and what kind of parametric relationship they have between them.

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hi , if you mean when your working whit assembly teh answer is yes

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there's no features , but an assembly method thas we call topdown assembly thats allows you to créate new parts and features in context with the original part .

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