Is there any similar tool in SolidWorks like 'wave geometry linker' from UG NX?

I just migrated to solid works from ug nx, but i cant find any tool like wave geometry linker in solid works. If there is any such tools please let me know.
Thanking you.

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I think the functionality you're looking for is similar to insert>part in Solidworks, which allows you to bring a variety of solid, sketch and other reference geometry from parent or 'base' models, and use that to drive downstream component development.

It's helpful to start with a basic base model that contains envelope information and part-to-part interface information such as mounting hole locations, and insert>part that base model as the first feature in all the downstream components that care about the envelope and the part-to-part interfaces, which is probably most of them.

This is a much more robust way to achieve good control of the downstream models than setting up assembly level references, which is another (much more problematic in my opinion) way to 'link' geometry between components.

If you have the Solidworks tutorials, the 'advanced techniques', 'molded product design: advanced' tutorial is a pretty good primer for this technique.

Hope this helps!

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If Robert's answer is on the right track, check out tip #2 from this site:
It is a lot like Insert - Part, but with this you'd be able to import just the surfaces you are interested in. It really depends on the complexity of the models and what you need to do.

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