is there any standard design procedure for design of 1.hypocycloid gear train 2.cycloidal drive

I am planning to design a high gear ratio ( around 90 ) drive with a couple of my students. according to our literature survey, we found that these two drives (1.hypocycloid gear train 2.cycloidal drive) are very efficient. But, they (1.hypocycloid gear train 2.cycloidal drive) do not have any standard design procedure. is anyone working in this field ?

also, it would be greatful if you could share some information about the design of the same (1.hypocycloid gear train 2.cycloidal drive)

thank you

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Dear Professor Jazz,
As it happens i came across this question with a google search looking for similar answers to your question.
I am always looking for applications for MechDesigner and have successsfully used it design lobe pumps etc. Cycloidal gear reducers are similar - i thought. I am finding different ways, and using different tools to get the results for gear reducers
Please email me if you want to look at using MechDesigner to design such things. I beleive, once i get to understand the exact relative motion of the parts, then MechDesigner will easily provide the answers we are looking for.

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