Is there any standard practice to speed up casting design?

I would like to know of any standard designing process which can be used to speed up complex casting 3d modeling. Any standard guidelines on sequence of providing draft & fillet would also interest me...

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speed is one thing every design engineer looks out for, but not forgetting precision there are ways to speed up any design, you just need to know what to start up with for fastest results.
let say you are to design a piece of furniture, some will start out with a 2D sketch and go all the way, but you could be faster making use of a cube, and cutting through and fillet till you get your desired shape and design.
also try using freeform, i think its a cool way to design, gives you that feel you get from other cad softwares like, 3D max, Maya and all

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For furniture design is best to use skeleton design. Some called it top to down design. It means that
1. Make ipt with multi solid bodies, so if you change lenght or thickness then all solid bodies can change shape.
2. Use make component command to make iam and ipt parts

In this case all important parameters wich drives your solids is in one skelet.ipt
And is much easyer to change thickness one ipt than change it 20 separate ipt

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