Is there any way to mix a gas with a liquid in NX (8.5)?


I'm currently trying to solve a problem related with the simulation of the cardiovascular system. In particular, parametric computational simulations involving different fluid (blood, in our case) and gas flow rates.
I saw that there is a 'modeling object' in NX 8.5 which enables to mimic mass transport (flow + particles).
Firstly, I tried to create a 'homogeneous gas mixture' and it worked.
Now I would like to extend my analysis to interactions between gas/liquid by means of the 'modeling object' called as 'heterogeneous gas-liquid mixture'.
Ideally I would to simulate blood (as a liquid) + oxygen dissolved (as a gas).
I tried several times to run this 'modelling object' in my CFD simulation but every time I get a 'fatal error' back.
Is anyone familiar with this kind of 'modeling object'?

Thanks in advance for your help

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2 Answers

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