Is there anybody on grabcad using SOLIDTINKING?

Have you ever used this program?

3 Answers

Never seen a solidthing file in GC come by...
Looks OK but is it not a derivitive of the Solidworks and Inventor??
You may encounter compatibility problems...

I agree with Hans, I looked at their links, seems legitimately good. Rhino would be a better choice, comes cheaper with lots of community help in comparison to Solidthinking software.

I'm a Solidworks user, I really prefer it over the rest of the pack, including Rhino. A student version of Solidworks could get you into a more agile platform, for cheap, IMO. $90-$200

Better versions of Solidworks will allow more functionality. As with most software, you get what you pay for.

Hope this helps!

To clarify, SolidThinking is a company (division of Altair Engineering, Inc.) One of their products, which you are probably referring to, is INSPIRE. Although it has various capabilities in being able to work with and modify CAD geometry, and create basic geometry, it is not a CAD tool so cannot and should not be compared as such. INSPIRE is a set of integrated and easy-to-use tools for concept generation and basic design testing and analysis.

- Motion analysis
- Linear-static FEA (stress / deflection / frequency)
- Topology (shape), Topography and Gauge optimization

INSPIRE supports major and neutral CAD file formats.