is there anyway to take measurements in grabcad print?

need to check a wall thickness after a 8% scale.

2 Answers

I don't have GrabCAD print loaded right now, so I can't test this, but I seem to recall that it will give bounding box measurements for parts.
Actually using a measure tool to say measure the diameter of a hole, or thickness of a rib is (as I recall) not possible.

Have you looked at the workbench
I have not tried it, but measuring objects seems like a likely feature for it. It might be worth a try.

Hi Jordan-

No, this isn't possible right now, but we have it as a feature request on our backlog. I'll add a "hit" on that for you to mark your request and allow me to follow up with you if there are any updates on our side. If you have any other questions or feedback please feel free to reach out at